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Provigil is an oral medicine, which improves wakefulness in people with different sleep disorders.

The Provigil effect is very much similar to caffeine.

Provigil and caffeine helps to stay awake by stimulation the brain, therefore both these drugs are considered stimulants.

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How Provigil interacts with other drugs?

Generic Provigil is known to increase or decrease the liver activity. The liver is responsible for eliminating drugs from our system, so if liver activity changes, it might decrease the effectiveness of other medicines. If taken with other medicines, the body reaction should be very closely monitored.

If you take any kind of oral contraception, you might need to consider an alternative method of contraception, as generic Provigil might decrease the effectiveness as well.

Some medicines can increase the toxicity of Provigil, and it is still not known what are the interactions between this medicine and alcohol.

Provigil has a number of side effects, which are rare, and only happen in about 5 % of patients, so it is considered safe to use.

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